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on Saturday, 8 December 2012
Facebook auto subscribers tool

You must have heard about facebook auto-subscribers tool. by using tools you can increase your subscribers in rapid speed.

Just Downlaod this file all the information and files are containing in it. Just upload it to your Host and use this tool.

Note : This script not contains any database so the only way you can get subscribers is, when your site visitors click on subscribe button on your site. This is a spam scrip which post links to groups and your friends wall. I got many subscribers by doing it.. Thank you

(1) Subscribe Boom:

(2) Subscribe Machine:

(3) Subscribe Heat:

Enjoy :-)


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ashish saxena said...

I Got 1.5k Subscribers using this script for 3 weeks. Thanks

Yeah This is a spammy tool and those old database containing tokens subscribers are stopped working since a long time.. approx 3 months.

Er Prince Bhalani said...

i would like to exchange links

Anonymous said...

Autolike update

Adrian Coli said...

New AutoLIKER 2016 ==

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